A Homebody with an Adventure of a Life
It came to me one day when we were paddle boarding on Lake Bde Maka Ska (my friends are the sweetest and planned it for my 22nd bday). We were just kinda giggling & goofing, must have been talking about a future adventure or something and I just said it out loud. 
“a homebody with an adventure of a life”.
 It’s what I want in a significant other, it’s what I want in myself. 
I have always been (and plan to always be) a homebody. Knowing my roots and realizing what home is (PEOPLE: Mom, dad, friends, loved ones), always wanting to be there. 
But I have also always craved adventure. Traveling, visiting, exploring, experiencing all that life has to offer.
I have always said that home is not a place for me. It's people. If I could scoop up my favorite peeps and snag them to another country I would in a heartbeat. 
So I think that's what this life will be for me. 
People. Places. Home. 
Occasionally dragging those people to new places, but always coming home.