How we accidentally captured a proposal in Budapest.
ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS IN EUROPE 2019 was far and away the time we stumbled upon and accidentally captured a proposal. 
Us three gals stopped this couple on Chain Bridge in Budapest to snap a quick photo of us (don't get me wrong, as much as I love the smushy selfies with double chins galore, just wanted ONE solid photo of us three on this gorgeous bridge).
 Living out the true Minnesotan niceness, we asked if they wanted one in return! The boyfriend eagerly said yes and as he handed his phone over he whispered, "Please take a video, I am going to propose". She said yes. (After 12 years of dating!!!) We geeked. Had an impromptu engagement session because what are the chances of a photographer (and group of total AMPS) essentially asking YOU to capture your proposal?!
They put their lock on the bridge. We freaked again. We were on an absolute high off of it the whole rest of the day. 
And it persists to be in all of our top three moments of the trip. 
Széchenyi Lánchíd / Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
simply put, I love love.

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